Effects of different sticky trap color and height on insects in chili

ROSA, HELDA ORBANI Effects of different sticky trap color and height on insects in chili. International Network for Nature Science.


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Abstract Color traps are often used to monitor and control insects, but a systematic analysis has not been conducted to identify the most effective color and height of traps, especially in chili. This research was intended to find out the effects of sticky color and height of different traps on insects in chili. The method used in the research was a randomized block design with 2 factors of factorial split plot design. Types of colors used were yellow, red, blue, and green placed at heights of 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0 m. The interaction of four color types of the traps placed at different heights and the single factor of trap height in this study did not have significant effects on the number of insects trapped in four observation times. The only significant effect was seen in the treatment of trap colors in the observation time of 65 DAP. The observations showed very significant differences in the number of catches. Mean number the higher level of capturing was shown by the red color trap (41.5) followed by blue, green and yellow colors traps (30.5, 9.5 and 27,2) at all height level. The captured insects were mostly natural enemies, therefore, a careful consideration in setting up the color traps is required; when the trap placement aims at monitoring or controlling pests, the traps should be placed at the locations that tend to be attacked by pests in order to minimize the effects on nontargeted insects. Keywords: Sticky trap color, Trap height, Chili

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