Performance of Silica Membranes for Water Desalination Fabricated Through Conventional and Rapid Thermal Processing

Elma, Muthia Performance of Silica Membranes for Water Desalination Fabricated Through Conventional and Rapid Thermal Processing. In: Seminar Intenasional.


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The production cost, time, energy usage and membrane performance are the important broad aspects for fabricating silica membranes. The aim of this study is to compare the calcination techniques between conventional thermal processing (CTP) and rapid thermal processing (RTP) in producing pure silica membranes using a-two step acid base catalyst method based on sol-gel process. Silica material properties is also studied by looking at the several parameters such as chemical composition and surface properties through different calcination methods (CTP and RTP). In fabricating silica membranes, the calcination techniques were set at temperature 600oC and 4 layers for both CTP and RTP (CTP: 1oC min-1 ramping/cooling rates, hold for 4 hours and RTP: without setting up ramping/cooling rates, hold for 1 hour). From xerogel characterization, FTIR spectroscopy showed similar vibrational behaviour in the wavelength 1500-700 cm-1 between sample calcined under CTP as well as RTP. However, the deconvulation computation shows the silanol:siloxane concentration was 10% higher for RTP compare to CTP on silica xerogels. Additionally, the morphology of these silica membranes show that silica membranes fabricated using CTP method is thinner than RTP (~0.5 μm vs ~1.1 μm). It is due to calcination time using RTP method was too short compare to CTP method. Therefore, the evaporation process of solvent diluted in sols was not completely evaporated during calcination process and it then automatically affects the membrane performance (9.72 to 6.94 and 1.63 to 0.63 kg m2 h-1 for feed 0; 0.3; 1; 3.5 %w/v artificial salt solution, for membranes samples calcined under CTP and RTP method, respectively). Keywords: calcination method, sol gel, acid-base catalyst, CTP & RTP methods

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