Hadinoto, Sugeng and Sukaryono, Ignacius Dhani and Siahay, Yessy KANDUNGAN GIZI BULU BABI (Diadema setosum) DAN POTENSI CANGKANGNYA SEBAGAI ANTIBAKTERI. Lambung Mangkurat University Press.

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Diadema setosum is one type of sea urchins that have economic value, the body that consumed is gonad. This organism can be used as a source of nutritious food because it contains amino acids, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, minerals, fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Besides gonads, the shell has potential as an antibacterial. This study aims to determine the nutrient content of D. setosum of various waters in Central Maluku Regency and the potential of shell as an antibacterial. Gonad and shell samples taken from Liang Village, Waai and Sila Village waters in Central Maluku Regency. The testing procedure includes the proximate analysis and antibacterial activity test using agar diffusion method using methanol, ethyl acetate and chloroform. The results obtained, nutrient content of the three study sites in sequence, namely water content: 72.24%, 71.95%, 77.31%; ash content: 3.26%, 2.06%, 2.74%; fat content: 0.89%, 0.98%, 2.28%; and protein content: 12.43%, 13.37%, 14.78%. While the shells were extracted using methanol provides antibacterial effect against Eschericia coli, Salmonella and Bacillus cereus by the inactivation unit of each 1.84 mm/g, 1.84 mm/g and 2.65 mm/g; ethyl acetate solvent 14.18 mm/g, 1.65 mm/g and 14.49 mm/g; and chloroform 0.68 mm/g, 8.98 mm/g and 3.77 mm/g. D. setosum gonads from Sila Village waters has better nutritional value. Shell extract with ethyl acetate solvent more effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria E. coli and B. cereus than methanol and chloroform. Keywords: Diadema setosum, nutrient, gonad, antibacterial, shell

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