Dampak pola asuh permisif terhadap penyimpangan perilaku seksual remaja di Kecamatan Simpang Empat, Kabupaten Banjar

Seftiana, Miranda and Maulidina, Windy Daisy Dampak pola asuh permisif terhadap penyimpangan perilaku seksual remaja di Kecamatan Simpang Empat, Kabupaten Banjar. Lambung Mangkurat University Press.

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Adolescence is period of transition from the phase of childhood to the adult stage. It filled with pressure and the risk of violating norms, morals, self-danger or others, as well as other juvenile delinquencies. At this critical period of transition, the role of parents are important in the effort to minimize the risk that may be posed. Parenting as a form of interaction between parent and child has a role to overcome the risk of deviant behavior of children, especially in teenagers. The background of this research was to study the behavior of adolescents who live in the wetlands (Berkat Mulia Village, Simpang Empat District, Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan) and its relationship with parenting approach applied by parents. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of permissive parenting on adolescent sexual behavior. The qualitative interviews and data mining were used for research method. The interview used was semi-structured, while data obtained through literature review from books, scientific papers, archives, journals, articles and online resources relevant to the issues of parenting and sexually deviation. The results showed that most residents of Simpang Empat District were farmers who often leave their adolescent unattended at home. In these conditions, permissive parenting was usually applied where children were totally free to control themselves, including friendship, the use of gadgets, time to go home, and so forth. This type of parenting had an effect on sexual behavior in their adolescent leading to the crime of rape. It can be concluded that permissive parenting contributed to the deviation of sexual behavior followed by rape. Keywords: permissive parenting, sexual deviation

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