Dinamika pengetahuan lokal petani Banjar dalam sistem pertanian modern di lahan rawa pasang surut

Hidayat, Taufik Dinamika pengetahuan lokal petani Banjar dalam sistem pertanian modern di lahan rawa pasang surut. Lambung Mangkurat University Press.

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Local knowledge is always a process of change and evolve depending on outside forces that exist. Local knowledge of evolution was mainly driven by contestation with science is introduced in the farming systems in tidalswamp land. This study aimed to analyze the existence of local knowledge in the management of tidal swamp land when contestation with science that became the basis of today's modern agriculture system. This research is a case study on tidal marsh land types A, B, C and D. Data collected by triangulation methods through in-depth interviews, life history and secondary data obtained from reports and historical records. The results showed that the contestation proces, it turns out science in tidal swamp land type A few can be applied especially in high yielding variety. Local knowledge society of the local rice farming systems still exist, but social institutions have been dominated by the presence of peasant farmers' groups that the government introduced as a supporting institution in modern agricultural systems. In the tidal swampland types B, C and D occurred in the application of scientific dominance of agricultural technology such as the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and lime for agriculture (dolomit). So was the case with local institutions of farmers (handil) has been replaced by institutional role farmer groups. Form of hybridization that occurs between science and local knowledge in the form of high yielding variety-local rice farming systems called 'sawit dupa' numerous in the tidal swampland type B.  Social system response may take the form of receipt of their science in agricultural systems through the adjustment process together (coadaptation) or otherwise suffered rejection because of not correspond well with the biophysical environments and social systems. Keywords: agriculture, contestation, local knowledge, science, swampland

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