Jerapan Isotermik Fosfor pada Tanah-Tanah Penting Kalimantan Selatan

Yusran, Fadly Hairannor (2010) Jerapan Isotermik Fosfor pada Tanah-Tanah Penting Kalimantan Selatan. CHLOROPHYL, 6 (1). pp. 14-17. ISSN 1858-3954

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Phosphorus (P) deficiency in some soils in South Kalimantan needs more attention to be solved. Many cases in marginal soils showed that we need further study on P adsorption and its chemical echanisms. Three important soils -Ultisol and Entisol or Alluvial for mineral soils, and Histosol for organic soil- were selected to describe their adsorption capacity using Langmuir and Freundlich equation for P adsorption isotherm. Study showed that soils with the same characteristics on mineralogy (Ultisol and Alluvial) had similar adsorption parameters. Meanwhile, Histosol differed alone compared to those with similar soild phase characteristic. Langmuir equation fitted better for soils with high adsorbing capacity for P such as Ultisol and Alluvial, and Freuclich’s for Histosol.

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