Inventarisasi Durian Lokal Super dan Problematikanya di Kabupaten Banjar

Basir, Basir (2005) Inventarisasi Durian Lokal Super dan Problematikanya di Kabupaten Banjar. Jurnal Hutan Tropis Borneo, 6 (17). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1412-4645


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Most Durians (Durio zibenthinus) growing in Banjar district are native varieties. The varieties are growing naturally in and around the forests and gardens. Today, local people have cultivated them in their own lands without taking into account the superior characteristics of the durians. The characteristics i.e. the durians have delicious and sweet taste, thick mesocarp, small seeds, fragrant smell, and big fruits. Besides, they are still productive and resistant against pests and diseases. The planted durians still have low quality, so their price is also low. Yet, they have been an income saucer of local people. To improve the quality of the durians, it is needed to select the high quality durians to be planted. The objectives of research were to do an inventory and identification of the durian varieties which have superior quality in Banjar district. To collect the data about the dispersal of durian trees, a survey has been done at villages where the superior durians are growing. The result showed that there were several superior durians growing at Banjar district with the varieties were: (1) si panjangtangkai, (2) si tembaga, (3) si penganten, (4) si gantang, (5) si sirih, (6) si penyengat, (7) si manalagi, (8) si katuyung, (9) si dodol, (10) si bujang, and (11) si airmata. Some problems of the superior native durians encountered in the field were: (1) the durian trees have been old (productivity tends to decrease), (2) some trees got pests and diseases due to poor maintenances, (3) they are mostly propagated by seeds. Some suggestions in sustaining and improving the superior native durians in Banjar district in the future are: (1) the local people should select the superior durians to be cultivated, (2) To maintain the superior characteristics of durian trees; they should be propagated with vegetative systems by means of cutting and/or grafting systems. (3) As soon as the planting stocks have been taken out from the durian branches, the cut branches should be covered by paraffin or other materials that will prevent the cut branches from pests and diseases, and (4) it is necessary to maintain the superior durian trees by weeding and fertilization, so they will be more productive and free from pests and diseases

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