Asmu'i, Asmu'i (2011) PERAN HUMAS SUBBAGIAN PEMBERITAAN KABUPATEN BALANGAN TENTANG KASUS DEMAM BERDARAH. Jurnal Penelitian Pers Dan Komunikasi Pembangunan, 15 (1). pp. 58-87. ISSN 1410-8283

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This research aim to know the public relation role of part of the government news of Balangan sub province in information spreding, constraint to public opinion profiting government, and public commment about information given by public ielation to dengue case happened in public descriptively qualitatif. Data collecting is done by trough in-depth interview, observation, and documentation analysed by using model interactif Miles and Hubermen. Result of research indicates that (1) Difference the role of public relation between function and fundamental duties in governmental institution with non government is inexistence of commercial element in meaning of the government pubic ielation is more emphasizingly public service. (2) Public relation of Balangan sub province government easier to subrnit it the information about good policy and activity of is the duty and obligation but some of public opinion expressed has not is optimal in observing and permeates public desire. (3) Is not formulation it is formally public relation activity in advising to answer to is be better if down by institution or set of the government area peripheral job activity of Balangan sub province like desired by public. (4) Has not his its optimal happened relation between public and government ofificer. (5) Enough his it intensive giving lighting and information where of has been strived by institution and our set of the government area peripheral job activity of Balangan sub province event is one it's the spreding side is veri limited. (6) Specialized task by the government public relation sub units in submitting and over spread information about dengue case in Balangan sub province enough effective, but for certain public less effectively because of limitation of supporting facilities for infrastructure and public relation profesionality. (7) Ability does reciprocal communications between publics in the effort equalizing perception with purpose and institution target of institute or set of the govemment area peripheral job activity reprecented by it has not optimal. Therefore suggested to sub units of public relation of Balangan sub province government to add transportation facilities and basic falities, communication means and technologi communications, and need to be done training of communications reciprocally measured from level of creativity and effectiveness, sincerity in service of information needs defended, and shall do periodical evaluation about public opinion in Balangan sub province Key Word : The role of public retlalionn in dengue case

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