Samharinto, Soedijo and Ahmad, Latief Abadi and Bambang, Tri Raharjo and Hakimah, Halim (2012) KEANEKARAGAMAN ARTROPODA PADA KOSISTEM PERSAWAHAN TADAH HUJAN DI KALIMANTAN SELATAN. In: Biodiversitas Menunjang Pembangunan Berkelanjutan. Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi Universitas Airlangga, pp. 319-327. ISBN 978-97998109-3-9 (In Press)

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A research on the rainfield ecosystem done by the participant of the Farmer Field School of Integrated Pest Management / FFS of 1PM (Sekolah Lapangan Pengendalian Hama Terpadu SLPHT, and non participant had been done in order to find out the diversity of arthropods in South Kulimantan. The research had been done since Apri-November 2011 at Pasar Kamis village, Banjar district. South Kalimanian. The aim of this research was to know the kinds of arthropods on two types of ricefield on rainfleld ecosystem. IPM done by the participant of FFS of’ 1PM and non 1PM ricefield done by non the partipant. Sweep net, ye!low trap, light trap and pitfall trap were used to trap arthropods. The trapped arthropods were then collected and indetified morfospeciesly and grouped on their status: pest, natural enemies. (parasitoid and predator) and other arthropods. Data was analized kv using the diversity index of Shannon- Wiener (H’) and similarity index of Sorensen (IS). The results showed that there were 33 kinds of collected arthropods which status was as pest, 26 kinds parasitoids, 24 kinds of predator and 5 kinds of others, with the amount individual respectively’ 3,1 78, 4,172; 4,576 and 205. The amount of family and order of pest on IPM ricefield were respectily 23 and7 , whereas on non IPM ricefield were respectively 18 and 7. The amount of family and order of parasitoid on 1PM ricefield were respectively 13 and 3, whereas on non 1PM ricefleld were respectively 10 and 3. The amount of familv and order of predator on 1PM ricefield were respectively 19 and 7 whereas on non IPM rice field where respectively 18 and 6. H’ value of 1PM rice fileld was 3.037 and 2,875 on non 1PM ricefleld with IS value as 77.50%.

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