Persebaran dan Karakteristik Habitat Rekrekan (Presbytis frdericae) di Gunung Slamet Jawa Tengah

Fithria, Abdi (2013) Persebaran dan Karakteristik Habitat Rekrekan (Presbytis frdericae) di Gunung Slamet Jawa Tengah. In: SEMINAR NASIONAL EKOLOGI DAN KONSERVASI SUMBERDAYA HAYATI DALAM MENDUKUNG PEMBANGUNAN BERKELANJUTAN, 20-21 NOVEMBER 2013, MAKASSAR.

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ABSTRACT: This research was aimed to identify the habitat characteristics of Rekrekan (Presbytis fredericae).The data collection consisted of interviewing local citizens, determining the coordinates of habitat sites in which Rekrekan were found, qualitatively identifying the habitat and checking the habitat status. The data in the form of coordinate points from SIG data and landsat imagery were then analyzed using geostatistics. The data were collected within 25 days. Rekrekan at Mount Slamet forest were mostly found at the altitude of >600 mdpl. There were 50 groups existed, 43 of which were found very far from the crowd or human activities (>1000 m). The interaction with human factor and the habitat factor (land usage), environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall also influenced the existence of Rekrekan in one place. The preferred temperature for Rekrekan to do various activities is around 18-20 C. Viewed from the steepness level, Rekrekan were mostly found at the 25-40 slope. The encounters with this primate were often occurred at the southern side. Viewed from the map of land covering, the situation and condition of the forest at the southern slope is still well preserved compared to the northern, western and eastern slopes, which are already degraded and had their land functions changed. The existence of Rekrekan is the land covering type component. This result indicates that the primary forest is the most preferred and suitable with the living needs of Rekrekan. Key words: Habitat Characteristics, Distribution and Rekrekan (Presbytis fredericae)

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