Estimation of Carbon Stock and Absorption of Carbon Emission The Agroforestry System of Peatland

Itta, Daniel Estimation of Carbon Stock and Absorption of Carbon Emission The Agroforestry System of Peatland. Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi. ISSN 0974-4290


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Abstract: One effort to maintain C stockvegetativelyin nature is thr1 ough agroforestry program on peatland. Through agroforestry system the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere can be reduced, and the result is carbohydrate accumulated in plant biomass. The level of CO2uptake in the atmosphere varies depending on the typesof constituent plantsand the age ofland.The objectives of this study wereto analyze 1) the carbon content stored in agroforestry system on peatland, 2) the ability of agroforestry system on peatland to absorb carbon emission (CO2), 3)the economic value through agroforestry on peatland. The benefits of this study were to provide important information in the effort torehabilitate the degraded peatland,which was developed through agroforestry system. Moreover, the results of this study could be used as the reference data to implement the program ofReducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). The results showed that 1) the number of carbon content for jelutung plants in agroforestry pattern was 1.4430 tons/ha,and for intercrops4.185 tons/ha which consisted of corn, mustard, chili and leek,2) the ability of staple crops and intercrops to absorb CO2in agroforestry patternwas20.496 tons/ha, and 3) the benefit valuewhich wasobtained by agroforestrypattern on peatland wasIDR 375,322,625 in a year, where the intercrops could be cultivatedseveral times a year. It is suggested to conductfurther study to calculate the carbon content of staple crops andintercrops and the ability ofother staple crops and intercrops to absorb CO2. Keywords : peatland, agroforestry, carbon emission.

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